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This is a page where we store proposals that we want the TSC to take a look at


ProposalSummaryCommentsTSC CommentsApproval State
Update ServiceImplementation of the Redfish Update Service as specified in 2020.2 releaseInitially only the SimpleUpdate action will be supported


Plugin for Unmanaged RacksA plugin that emulates resource managers for unmanaged racks

This is needed to support a physical view of the data center. Things like:

  • What servers are in a rack?
  • Where in the rack are they?
  • In what isle?
  • How are they connected to which switch?



Composition ServiceImplementation of  Composition Service Redfish Composition service development in ODIM 

A new proposal added.

JSON samples added for POST resource block.

Under Review.


BMC SimulatorImplementation of Redfish based REST server exposing BMC interface compliant with Redfish schemaData model exposed by BMC simulator will be compliant with OCP server profiles as well as with OPAS Redfish profile.See Mom



Dell Server Community PluginOpen Source plugin to manage Dell Servers.Start with Generic Redfish Plugin. Add mapping to populate properties mandated by the upcoming ODIM profiles. Support of events and local storage are high wantsTSC in favor. See MoM



Cisco APIC controller PluginOpen source plugin to manage Cisco ACI data center switchingBuilding an open source plugin to Cisco APIC will enable the joint management of compute as well as networking through standards based Redfish APIs. This is something that doesn't exist in the industry today but will be critical to support lights out operations of data centersWe will push this vote out till we have a document describing the mapping.



LFN Demo: 5G Cloud Native Network

Determine potential to implement ODIM on one or more sites/cores.

Solution Brief

The LFN Demo team is targeting ONES 2021 North America, October 11-12, 2021, for an updated 5G Cloud Native Demo. There is potential for ODIM to be included. Factors:

  • Technical feasibility
  • Value Proposition
  • Use Case(s)
    • Composition Service - stretch goal

Telemetry ServiceImplementation of the Telemetry Service as specified in 2020.3 release.The first implementation would be to expose vendors' metric reports and to allow clients to subscribe to those. To move further we need more discussions


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