TSC Proposal  Meeting



As we didn't have full TSC we decided to push the actual voting till next meeting

Composition Service

Some lively discussions here. This is what was concluded.

  • Composition service needs to align with Redfish Spec
  • If a newer model is adopted that is not yet in the spec it will have to live
    in its own branch
  • It is okay to have a self-contained service in a non-Golang language but
    integration of base services have to happen
  • It needs to be reached via the same API Gateway

As the current proposal suggests a contribution that is based on RSD it is not inline with the above conclusions


  • The BMC Simulator has already been approved in an earlier meeting so that will change to approved stated in the list
  • The White Paper "Support for data center fabric" will be split into two different papers. This proposal is therefore on hold
  • Dell plugin. It appears nobody has much concerns about this contribution. A vote will happen next meeting.



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