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Currently the plugins composition service, Cisco ACI and BMC simulator are in different repositories with ODIM-Project project. The redfish plugins that is generic redfish, dell, lenovo and unmanaged rack plugins are within the ODIM-Project/ODIM repository. It is desired that all of the plugins are moved within the ODIM-Project/ODIM repository or all plugins are moved out to different repositories within the ODIMRA-Project. 

The preference is to move the plugins out of ODIM repository. The advantages are

  1. ODIM build will be cleaner and simpler as the build process will only build the ODIM-RA binaries
  2. There will be lesser risk of having code dependencies across ODIM-RA and plugins
  3. We can have different cadences for build ODIM-RA and plugins. ODIM-RA can be released independent of plugins,
  4. plugins where active contributions have stopped will not affect ODIM-RA and other plugin projects.

likewise the plugins should be hosted in different repositories for similar reasons.

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