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LF Staff: Casey Cain

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  •  The proposal was changed to make changes only on the ODIMRA side. It was decided to support both approaches -
    • current one where the plugins implement the message bus interface per message bus and programming language,
    • the other being a adapter that listens to redfish events from the plugins and publishes to the message bus used by ODIM
  • The plugin implementers can decide which method they prefer and use either of the two.
  • The adapter may be brought in via a different proposal when there is a need for a plugin to use this. 
  • Currently we do not have the cycles to build this redfish event adapter.
  • ODIMRA will have to be changed to add support for each message bus type regardless of the approach taken by plugins.
  • Email sent to TSC with request for voting members to reply back: +1 to approve, -1 to decline.

Talk by Taskin Ucpinar on edge core device manager

  • Taskin from edge core presented the device manager architecture and uses. This may continue the next week.

Discussion about voting process

  • Send email with resolution
  • Voting members respond +1, -1. (yes or no)
  • Tally the results.
  • Include results in minutes (if happens during the meeting), or in the next week’s agenda
  • with a link to the voting email stream.

Action Items