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Muthu Ramalingam             

Divya N                                AMI
Martin Halstead                   HPE
Jon Mechling                       HPE
Bharath Kumar                     HPE
Jonas Arndt                          Redhat

Proposed Agenda

Meeting minutes


gRPC Support for ODIM

  • Remove south bound interface from discussion as this is part of plugin development. South bound interfaces used by plugin are not governed by ODIMRA.
  • Add to proposal use of gRPC in event service to deliver events to subscribers. 
  • We may choose to go in phased manner and support for event services initially.
  • Use one proto file per redfish resource. Develop a tool for generating proto files from redfish schema/
  • Discuss the implementation strategy with DMTF/Google
  • Current gRPC is too heavy weight for BMC implementations.