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Following are the currently available Resource Aggregator for Open Distributed Infrastructure Management (ODIM RA) releases via GitHub:

ODIM RA 23.02 Release

  • Included additional properties in logs that include actionID, actionName, level, messageID, processName, procID, threadID, threadName, and transactionID for better traceability of operations in logs
  • Addition of debug logs for multiple ODIM RA services
  • Performance improvements during the addition of servers in ODIM RA
  • Performance improvements during task communications with database
  • Separation of Redis and sentinel containers into different pods for better handling of database failovers
  • Resolved multiple vulnerabilities found in GitHub code scanning workflows
  • Support for dynamic updation of log levels for ODIM RA services
  • Support for ODIM RA services log output in Syslog or JSON formats
  • Support for updated Redis version 7.0.8
  • Support for updated Golang version 1.19.5
  • Removed dockershim support and added support for "containerd" container engine
  • Support for upgraded version of Kubernetes 1.24.6
  • Support for upgraded version of Kubespray 2.20.0
  • Updated versions for all ODIM RA services
  • Updated ConnectionMethod variant versions for plugins
  • Updated content in the Troubleshooting Readme document
  • Procedures for backup and restore of etcd, Redis, ODIMRA and plugins configurations
  • Bug fixes