ODIM RA 23.08 Release



BMC Operator

BMC Operator is a new component added as part of the release. It is a software extension of Kubernetes and is used to manage various BMC operations that include the deployment and management of BIOS, boot order, volume, firmware and event subscription operations.

More information on BMC Operator and its operations are documented in BMC Operator Readme.

Support for additional SecureBoot APIs

Additional SecureBoot APIs supported in the release include:

  • PATCH on /redfish/v1/Systems/{ComputerSystemId}/SecureBoot
  • POST on /redfish/v1/Systems/{ComputerSystemId}/SecureBoot/Actions/SecureBoot.ResetKeys
  • GET on /redfish/v1/Systems/{ComputerSystemId}/SecureBoot/SecureBootDatabases
  • GET on /redfish/v1/Systems/{ComputerSystemId}/SecureBoot/SecureBootDatabases/{db}
  • GET on /redfish/v1/Systems/{ComputerSystemId}/SecureBoot/SecureBootDatabases/db/Certificates
  • GET on /redfish/v1/Systems/{ComputerSystemId}/SecureBoot/SecureBootDatabases/db/Certificates/{certificateID}

For more information on these APIs, see the SecureBoot section in the Resource Aggregator for Open Distributed
Infrastructure Management™ API Readme


This is a new feature to print the logs on console or append them to a file. When you set the value to false, the ODIM logs are redirected to a log file. Setting the value to true displays the logs on console. The default value is false .

Ubuntu OS version

The current release of ODIM is compatible with Ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS version.

Updated Docker image versions of ODIM services 

For information on the latest Docker image versions for ODIM services, see https://github.com/ODIM-Project/ODIM/tree/main#building-docker-images-of-all-resource-aggregator-for-odim-services.

Task support for additional APIs

Here are the API URIs that have task support for the release:

  • /Systems/{id}/Actions/ComputerSystem.Reset
  • /Systems/{id}/Bios/Settings
  • /Systems/{id}
  • /Systems/{id}/Storage/{id}/Volumes
  • /Systems/{id}/Storage/{id}/Volumes/{id}
  • /AccountService/Accounts
  • /AccountService/Accounts/{id} (for delete and update operations of BMC account)
  • /UpdateService/Actions/UpdateService.SimpleUpdate
  • /UpdateService/Actions/UpdateService.StartUpdate
  • /Managers/{id}/VirtualMedia/{id}/Actions/VirtualMedia.InsertMedia
  • /Managers/{id}/VirtualMedia/{id}/Actions/VirtualMedia.EjectMedia
  • /LicenseService/Licenses

For more information on these APIs, see the API Readme.

Performance improvements

Here are the improvements being made for the release:

  • Streamlined the task service communications with Redis database for improved performance.
  • Event processing is improved.
  • Number of Computer System reset operations in parallel is increased. 
  • Number of concurrent server additions is increased.
  • Implemented caching of event subscriptions. Refactored code for improved event processing.
  • Improved performance in handling large number of API requests.
  • Logging enhancements in UpdateService and TelemetryService.

Redis version

The current release of ODIM supports Redis version 7.0.11.

Kafka version

The current release of ODIM supports Kafka version 3.4.0. 

Enhanced security

Support for the updated Redis and Kafka versions have fixed the security issues.

Resolved issues

The following issues are fixed in the release:

  • Properties in Syslogs are separated by more than one space.
  • Value appears only for a few properties in logs.
  • For URP and ACI plugins, the UUID is not removed from the manager collection after you remove the plugins from ODIM.

Known issues

  • Creating an event subscription with the same systemid in origin resources returns 400 error code in the response.
  • The HTTP GET  operation on ODIM and plugin Managers in LogServices/SL/Entries returns 500 error code in the response.

ODIM RA 23.02 Release

  • Included additional properties in logs that include actionID, actionName, level, messageID, processName, procID, threadID, threadName, and transactionID for better traceability of operations in logs
  • Addition of debug logs for multiple ODIM RA services
  • Performance improvements during the addition of servers in ODIM RA
  • Performance improvements during task communications with database
  • Separation of Redis and sentinel containers into different pods for better handling of database failovers
  • Resolved multiple vulnerabilities found in GitHub code scanning workflows
  • Support for dynamic updation of log levels for ODIM RA services
  • Support for ODIM RA services log output in Syslog or JSON formats
  • Support for updated Redis version 7.0.8
  • Support for updated Golang version 1.19.5
  • Removed dockershim support and added support for "containerd" container engine
  • Support for upgraded version of Kubernetes 1.24.6
  • Support for upgraded version of Kubespray 2.20.0
  • Updated versions for all ODIM RA services
  • Updated ConnectionMethod variant versions for plugins
  • Updated content in the Troubleshooting Readme document
  • Procedures for backup and restore of etcd, Redis, ODIMRA and plugins configurations
  • Bug fixes

ODIM RA 22.08 Release

New Features

  • Added the following new properties in ODIM RA managers:
    • ManagerForChassis
    • ManagerForServers
    • ManagerForManagers
  • Added task support for System reset 
  • Added task support for UpdateService 
  • Support for IPv6 address to send API service requests for the northbound access of ODIM RA
  • Support for adding servers with IPv6 address as an aggregation source
  • Support for managing BMC accounts and roles
  • Support for specifying rate limits to limit:
    • Resources for the same requests multiple times
    • Number of concurrent API requests sent per session
    • Number of active sessions a user can have 
  • Support for the following operations on LicenseService APIs:
    • GET on /redfish/v1/LicenseService
    • GET and POST on /redfish/v1/LicenseService/Licenses
    • GET on /redfish/v1/LicenseService/Licenses/{LicenseId}
  • Support for configuring the number of reposting instances and specific time interval for undelivered events
  • Support for updated DMTF Redfish Specification version 1.15.1 and Schema version 2022.1
  • Support for updated Redis database version to 6.2.6
  • Support for updated Kafka version to 3.1.0 and Zookeeper version to 3.7.0
  • Support for updated Kubernetes version to 1.23.5 and Kubespray version to 2.17.0
  • Support for event subscription with aggregates as OriginResources
  • Support for event subscription for destinations with IPv6 address
  • Support for Redis authentication for ODIM RA in Kubernetes environment
  • Support for GET operation on Volume capabilities
  • Enabled TLS based communication for Redis
  • Updated the volume creation payload as per Redfish specifications
  • Updated UT coverage for ODIM RA services
  • Updated sample responses for all services based on the latest DMTF Redfish Specification 1.15.1 and Schema 2022.1 versions
  • Updated Docker image versions for Kubernetes and ODIM RA services and plugins
  • Updated documentation - Instructions for time synchronization between the deployment node and the cluster nodes
  • Updated documentation - Sample response for the GET operation on the collection of message registries
  • Updated documentation - Support for generating and importing certificate for the server before adding the server 
  • Updated documentation - Content for all services and plugins in their respective directories in the ODIM-Project repository
  • Updated documentation - List of supported APIs and supported Redfish services in the API documentation
  • Updated documentation - For protoc compiler installation and usage

ODIM RA 22.04 Release 

New Features

  • Support for Redfish CompositionService 1.2.0
  • Support for Redfish ResourceBlock 1.4.0
  • Support for Redfish Zone of type ResourceZone
  • Support for Compose and Decompose actions

Known Issues/Limitations

  • CompositionService does not produce any events. Composability related events are not part of this release.
  • ResourceZone instance does not have Collection capabilities represented.
  • Composed system does not support Add or Remove ResourceBlocks actions.
  • CompositionReservations are not supported for the current ODIM RA infrastructure.

ODIM RA 22.02 Release

New Features

  • Support for Lenovo Plugin
  • Supported OS version is Ubuntu 20.04
  • Support for RedisStreams message bus
  • Support for StoragePools and its subordinate URLs
  • Support for audit logs and security logs (authentication/authorization logs in syslog format)
  • Updated ODIM RA for initial OCP compliance
  • Removed weak ciphers and added secure ciphers
  • Updated DMTF Redfish schema version to 2021.2
  • Updated Kubespray version to 2.14.0
  • Updated Kubernetes version to v1.21.5
  • Updated Golang version to 1.17.2
  • Cache-control header value is updated with no-cache, no-store, and must-revalidate values
  • Updated common headers for all resources
  • Added new error message in lib utilities
  • Increased the channel buffer size used for processing events
  • Removed hard coding of the queue name and reusing internal queue for resource and task events
  • Replaced colon (":") with period (".") character in resource identifier URIs
  • Removed compiled proto files from the GIT repository
  • Deployment of Kafka is skipped if message bus is RedisStreams
  • ODIM RA services and plugins versions are updated
  • Added ManagerForChassis and ManagerForServer properties for plugin managers
  • ODIM RA internal events are updated with EventTimestamp, Message and Severity properties
  • ODIM RA services and plugin images are updated to Ubuntu 20.04
  • Additional troubleshooting information

Known Issues/Limitations

  • Session creation captures a warning message under audit logs.
  • Deletion of the default roles 'ReadOnly' and 'Operator' must not be allowed.
  • @odata.type of SubTasks is #SubTasks.SubTasks instead of #TaskCollection.TaskCollection.
  • "SerialInterfacess" under BMC manager has an extra 's' character.
  • "DateTime" property under ODIM RA and plugin manager must be in UTC format.
  • "Certificates" property value under Drives resource is empty.
  • New role creation must not be allowed.

ODIM RA 21.08 Release

New Features

  • Support for Redfish TelemetryService
  • Migrated go-micro to gRPC framework
  • Kubernetes based deployment. Supported configurations are:
    • One-node deployment
    • Three-node deployment
  • Redis, Kafka, Zookeeper and etcd in High Availability mode (deployed only on master nodes)
  • Customized "odim-controller" deployment tool for Kubernetes and ODIM deployment and operations
  • Support for encoded URLs
  • VirtualMedia Insert and Eject operations
  • Enhancements in lib-persistence-manage package
  • Updated Redis database from 5.0.8 to 6.2.5
  • Updated DMTF Redfish schema version to 2021.1
  • Basic implementation of a plugin to support Dell servers
  • Basic implementation of a plugin to support Cisco ACI
  • Added ODIM RA profiles
  • Updated GitHub CI/CD actions to build and deploy ODIM RA and Kubernetes, and do a basic check before any PR is merged

ODIM RA 21.01 Release

To get access to this release, clone from the repository (https://github.com/ODIM-Project/ODIM). All the releases are on the main branch. If you don't want the latest release you can checkout an earlier release by using its tag. To see tags: git tags.

The build instructions are in the README.md file

ODIM 21.01 presentation from LFN Developer and Testing Forum


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