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Following are the currently available Resource Aggregator for Open Distributed Infrastructure Management (ODIM RA) releases via GitHub:

ODIM RA 23.02 Release

  • Included additional properties in logs that include actionID, actionName, level, messageID, processName, procID, threadID, threadName, and transactionID for better traceability of operations in logs
  • Addition of debug logs for multiple ODIM RA services
  • Performance improvements during the addition of servers in ODIM RA
  • Performance improvements during task communications with database
  • Separation of Redis and sentinel containers into different pods for better handling of database failovers
  • Resolved multiple vulnerabilities found in GitHub code scanning workflows
  • Support for dynamic updation of log levels for ODIM RA services
  • Support for ODIM RA services log output in Syslog or JSON formats
  • Support for updated Redis version 7.0.8
  • Support for updated Golang version 1.19.5
  • Removed dockershim support and added support for "containerd" container engine
  • Support for upgraded version of Kubernetes 1.24.6
  • Support for upgraded version of Kubespray 2.20.0
  • Updated versions for all ODIM RA services
  • Updated ConnectionMethod variant versions for plugins
  • Updated content in the Troubleshooting Readme document
  • Procedures for backup and restore of etcd, Redis, ODIMRA and plugins configurations
  • Bug fixes

ODIM RA 22.08 Release

New Features

  • Added the following new properties in ODIM RA managers:
    • ManagerForChassis
    • ManagerForServers
    • ManagerForManagers
  • Added task support for System reset 
  • Added task support for UpdateService 
  • Support for IPv6 address to send API service requests for the northbound access of ODIM RA
  • Support for adding servers with IPv6 address as an aggregation source
  • Support for managing BMC accounts and roles
  • Support for specifying rate limits to limit:
    • Resources for the same requests multiple times
    • Number of concurrent API requests sent per session
    • Number of active sessions a user can have 
  • Support for the following operations on LicenseService APIs:
    • GET on /redfish/v1/LicenseService
    • GET and POST on /redfish/v1/LicenseService/Licenses
    • GET on /redfish/v1/LicenseService/Licenses/{LicenseId}
  • Support for configuring the number of reposting instances and specific time interval for undelivered events
  • Support for updated DMTF Redfish Specification version 1.15.1 and Schema version 2022.1
  • Support for updated Redis database version to 6.2.6
  • Support for updated Kafka version to 3.1.0 and Zookeeper version to 3.7.0
  • Support for updated Kubernetes version to 1.23.5 and Kubespray version to 2.17.0
  • Support for event subscription with aggregates as OriginResources
  • Support for event subscription for destinations with IPv6 address
  • Support for Redis authentication for ODIM RA in Kubernetes environment
  • Support for GET operation on Volume capabilities
  • Enabled TLS based communication for Redis
  • Updated the volume creation payload as per Redfish specifications
  • Updated UT coverage for ODIM RA services
  • Updated sample responses for all services based on the latest DMTF Redfish Specification 1.15.1 and Schema 2022.1 versions
  • Updated Docker image versions for Kubernetes and ODIM RA services and plugins
  • Updated documentation - Instructions for time synchronization between the deployment node and the cluster nodes
  • Updated documentation - Sample response for the GET operation on the collection of message registries
  • Updated documentation - Support for generating and importing certificate for the server before adding the server 
  • Updated documentation - Content for all services and plugins in their respective directories in the ODIM-Project repository
  • Updated documentation - List of supported APIs and supported Redfish services in the API documentation
  • Updated documentation - For protoc compiler installation and usage

ODIM RA 22.04 Release 

New Features

  • Support for Redfish CompositionService 1.2.0
  • Support for Redfish ResourceBlock 1.4.0
  • Support for Redfish Zone of type ResourceZone
  • Support for Compose and Decompose actions

Known Issues/Limitations

  • CompositionService does not produce any events. Composability related events are not part of this release.
  • ResourceZone instance does not have Collection capabilities represented.
  • Composed system does not support Add or Remove ResourceBlocks actions.
  • CompositionReservations are not supported for the current ODIM RA infrastructure.

ODIM RA 22.02 Release

New Features

  • Support for Lenovo Plugin
  • Supported OS version is Ubuntu 20.04
  • Support for RedisStreams message bus
  • Support for StoragePools and its subordinate URLs
  • Support for audit logs and security logs (authentication/authorization logs in syslog format)
  • Updated ODIM RA for initial OCP compliance
  • Removed weak ciphers and added secure ciphers
  • Updated DMTF Redfish schema version to 2021.2
  • Updated Kubespray version to 2.14.0
  • Updated Kubernetes version to v1.21.5
  • Updated Golang version to 1.17.2
  • Cache-control header value is updated with no-cache, no-store, and must-revalidate values
  • Updated common headers for all resources
  • Added new error message in lib utilities
  • Increased the channel buffer size used for processing events
  • Removed hard coding of the queue name and reusing internal queue for resource and task events
  • Replaced colon (":") with period (".") character in resource identifier URIs
  • Removed compiled proto files from the GIT repository
  • Deployment of Kafka is skipped if message bus is RedisStreams
  • ODIM RA services and plugins versions are updated
  • Added ManagerForChassis and ManagerForServer properties for plugin managers
  • ODIM RA internal events are updated with EventTimestamp, Message and Severity properties
  • ODIM RA services and plugin images are updated to Ubuntu 20.04
  • Additional troubleshooting information

Known Issues/Limitations

  • Session creation captures a warning message under audit logs.
  • Deletion of the default roles 'ReadOnly' and 'Operator' must not be allowed.
  • @odata.type of SubTasks is #SubTasks.SubTasks instead of #TaskCollection.TaskCollection.
  • "SerialInterfacess" under BMC manager has an extra 's' character.
  • "DateTime" property under ODIM RA and plugin manager must be in UTC format.
  • "Certificates" property value under Drives resource is empty.
  • New role creation must not be allowed.

ODIM RA 21.08 Release

New Features

  • Support for Redfish TelemetryService
  • Migrated go-micro to gRPC framework
  • Kubernetes based deployment. Supported configurations are:
    • One-node deployment
    • Three-node deployment
  • Redis, Kafka, Zookeeper and etcd in High Availability mode (deployed only on master nodes)
  • Customized "odim-controller" deployment tool for Kubernetes and ODIM deployment and operations
  • Support for encoded URLs
  • VirtualMedia Insert and Eject operations
  • Enhancements in lib-persistence-manage package
  • Updated Redis database from 5.0.8 to 6.2.5
  • Updated DMTF Redfish schema version to 2021.1
  • Basic implementation of a plugin to support Dell servers
  • Basic implementation of a plugin to support Cisco ACI
  • Added ODIM RA profiles
  • Updated GitHub CI/CD actions to build and deploy ODIM RA and Kubernetes, and do a basic check before any PR is merged

ODIM RA 21.01 Release

To get access to this release, clone from the repository ( All the releases are on the main branch. If you don't want the latest release you can checkout an earlier release by using its tag. To see tags: git tags.

The build instructions are in the file

ODIM 21.01 presentation from LFN Developer and Testing Forum


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