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Following are the currently available Resource Aggregator for Open Distributed Infrastructure Management (ODIM RA) releases via GitHub:

ODIM RA 22.08 Release 

New Features

  • Added the following new properties in ODIM RA managers:
    • ManagerForChassis
    • ManagerForServers
    • ManagerForManagers
  • Added task support for System reset 
  • Added task support for UpdateService 
  • Support for IPv6 address to send API service requests for the northbound access of ODIM RA
  • Support for adding servers with IPv6 address as an aggregation source
  • Support for managing BMC accounts and roles
  • Support for specifying rate limits to limit:
    • Resources for the same requests multiple times
    • Number of concurrent API requests sent per session
    • Number of active sessions a user can have 
  • Support for the following operations on LicenseService APIs:
    • GET on /redfish/v1/LicenseService
    • GET and POST on /redfish/v1/LicenseService/Licenses
    • GET on /redfish/v1/LicenseService/Licenses/{LicenseId}
  • Support for configuring the number of reposting instances and specific time interval for undelivered events
  • Support for updated DMTF Redfish Specification version 1.15.1 and Schema version 2022.1
  • Support for updated Redis database version to 6.2.6
  • Support for updated Kafka version to 3.1.0 and Zookeeper version to 3.7.0
  • Support for updated Kubernetes version to 1.23.5 and Kubespray version to 2.17.0
  • Support for event subscription with aggregates as OriginResources
  • Support for event subscription for destinations with IPv6 address
  • Support for Redis authentication for ODIM RA in Kubernetes environment
  • Support for GET operation on Volume capabilities
  • Enabled TLS based communication for Redis
  • Updated the volume creation payload as per Redfish specifications
  • Updated UT coverage for ODIM RA services
  • Updated sample responses for all services based on the latest DMTF Redfish Specification 1.15.1 and Schema 2022.1 versions
  • Updated Docker image versions for Kubernetes and ODIM RA services and plugins
  • Updated documentation - Instructions for time synchronization between the deployment node and the cluster nodes
  • Updated documentation - Sample response for the GET operation on the collection of message registries
  • Updated documentation - Support for generating and importing certificate for the server before adding the server 
  • Updated documentation - Content for all services and plugins in their respective directories in the ODIM-Project repository
  • Updated documentation - List of supported APIs and supported Redfish services in the API documentation
  • Updated documentation - For protoc compiler installation and usage