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  1.  receive HTTP 201 (accepted replies) from the plugin along with task URI. relay this response
  2.  create a task that maps to the task passed on by the plugin 
  3. send this new (ODIM) task to the client on the north side.
  4.  Allow the client to query the status for such tasks  
  5.  Alternately allow the client to subscribe for such task updates without having to poll
  6. Update plugin implementation guide to handle BMCs or south end entities that generate task themselves(provide links to redfish task schema)
  7. create a task in ODIM even if the plugin does not do so.  

Note #3 and #4 above is already available for task created by ODIM itself as per the redfish Task schema. #3  above will allow the client to query and find the current status of the task.  #7 is needed as it will avoid timeouts in client calls. The list task status supported by redfish are