Bob Monkman

Alexander Vul

Joseprabu Inbaraj

Jonas Arndt

Martin Halstead

Rafal Sztejna

Tomas Fredberg

John Leung

Proposed Agenda

  • Update on Community Outreach
  • Update on QPID message bus efforts - Anand
  • CNTT/ODIM - Alex


DMTF- Jonas, Alex will drive an overview of ODIM at the DMTF call Thursday Sept. Others can listen in. 

CNCF TUG (Telecom User Group) - Alex will present to this group Oct 5 @ 0800 PST

CNTT- Tomas, Walter Kozlowski (Telstra) have worked to define proposals for how Hardware Management may be incoporated into CNTT Reference Model and they, Bob, Alex and others are going to flesh out some proposals for refining this and more concrete ways that ODIM and CNTT can collaborate (discussed further later in the call). A placeholder has been set in the Topic Proposals for the OCT 13-15 LFN Technical Forum with a CNTT track. 

ALso some outreach happening with OCP TechWeek (Nov 9-13) and OpenBMC events for the 12th November 

The rest of the meeting was consumed by a detailed overview and discussion of some proposed changes Alex Vul was working on for the architectutal diagram of HW Management in ODIM that Tomas and Walter had started. Alex pointed to a concern that by building off of the ETSI NFV diagram we may imply very specific interfaces/protocols that must be adhered to in the ETSI NFV documents, and our Restful APIs and Models being contemplated in ODIM were not so rigid, so specific.  No explicit APIs. 

Alex also added Acceleration resources in the HW resource pool section of the architecture diagram. 

Tomas clarified the approach taken in the original diagram and noted that Alex interpretation of the model was mostly in line , but explained a few differences. I did not capture those detailed deep dive talking points as so if other wish to note any conclusions, that would be helpful. Tomas furthered noted that ODIM could "fit nicely into an (CNTT reference implementation) RI". 

Jonas noted that HPE also has a White Paper on the Network Fabric concepts they are thinking about that they wish to post in the ODIM wiki. This was encouraged by the team. 

We discussed a 1 week review period to be announced once posted, for this approx 8 page document, after which, barring any edits, objections, could be considered as Accepted. 

As always, please correct any mistakes, add any critical omissions, to these minutes capture. 

Meeting Recording

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