Community Outreach

A session for CNTT (LF Networking Conference - CNTT track) conference is OCT 13-15. There is a stream of slots and we might be able to use one. The sign up date has already gone but John L might be able to help out.

DMTF Redfish Next Thursday 8-9 Pacific (a fraction of an hour).
We also went through the rest of the events on the outreach page

ODIM Profiles

Some discussions around this and how we need to start working on this. Profiles are important when creating plugins as it carry information on what properties need to be there and whether or not they should be read/write or read-only. It is also a way to encourage hardware vendors to support them and by that eventually eliminate the need for vendor specific plugins. We have some draft profiles that will be uploaded by HPE within the next couple of weeks

Meeting Recording

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