Bob Monkman (Intel)

Alexander Vul (Intel)

Jonas Arndt  (HPE)

John Leung  (Intel)

Daniel Nilsson (TietoEVRY)

S Bowen

Divya Nettern

Jon Mechling (HPE)

Martin Halstead (HPE)

Joseprabu Inbaraj (AMI)

Marcin Nicpon (TietoEVRY)

Muthukkumaran Ramalingam

Rafal Sztejna (Intel)

Sebastian Scheele (Kubermatic)

Tomas Fredberg  (Ericsson)

Proposed Agenda:

  1. Structure of ODIM project and repository - and where new components like BMC simulator and Composition service would fit- new repos or part of existing ODIM repo?
  2. Composition Service Proposal


Robust discussion on the structure of the repository v "directory structure". Concern was raised about multiple repositories but came around to agreement on 1 repo for ODIM itself and multiple directories for different components of ODIM. 

BMC Simulator is orthogonal and can be its own repository. OK

How to handle Branching. 

<TBD> Notes

Topic switch: AMI Composition Proposal

AMI (Jose) sets the stage  . Todays goal is to overview what AMI plans to submit in 1-2 months- Proposal phase for discussion

Muthu makes the detailed overview of Composition Service Proposal- (page on wiki) Composition Service

Review of top level APIs (9 APIs) and what their essential purpose is

Q: Attach/Detach resource  refers to network connections? Yes, confirmed. 

Q: Is AMI aware of and following the WIP DMTF Redfish spec on Composition; Answer: Absolutely. 

  • AMI will complete the port to the new language and align itself with the Redfish spec once that is ratified. 

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