• Release Schedule
  • Continued discussion and conclusions around the composition service
  • Discussions around starting the development of a community developed Dell server ODIM plugin
  • Feedback on the white paper Martin sent out
  • Update on Intel contributions...


Release Schedule

Some discussion on when we would have the first release It was decided that we will have the first release end of January. The rest of the release process will be put together after the LF release manager David McBride has given a presentation to TSC, which will happen on Wednesday November 4th. We had a vote to confirm that the first release is scheduled for end of January.

Martin Fabric White Paper

Martin gave a very small overview. The paper is about DMTF RF Fabric model and how it can be used along side computer and storage. We'll vote on this next week.

Dell plugin

HPE was proposing that the community get together and develop a plugin for Dell servers. The purpose of that would be to be able to show ODIM's strength in a multi-vendor environment. We could start with the existing Generic Redfish Plugin and build in translations specific to Dell as needed. The goal is for it to comply with the ODIM profiles as much as possible. Nobody seemed to oppose this concept. Jonas will write up a proposal.

Update on Intel's contributions

Unmanaged rack plugin. Seems to be ready for testing but they need feedback BMC Simulater, you can mimick different servers by using different templates Rafal wanted to know how close to DMTF releases should the simulator be. This will require more discussions though. We also want ODIM to be very close to the latest release of the spec. Intel also mentioned that the plugin will be ready end of November.

Moving under an umbrella organization

As noted very early in the project's creation phase it is likely better for ODIM long term to fold under an umbrella organization such as LFN for instance. One question that was raised during the meeting is what happens with participating companies that are not LFN members if ODIM folds in under LFN. Can they continue to participate in ODIM just as they do now? Louise said he would investigate and talk to some colleagues about this.

White paper on Fabric

Martin Halstead has not received any feedback on the white paper so far. It was decided to allow for one more week for feedback to come in. On November 4th an official decision will be made to send the paper over to LF for them to provide LF templates to the paper.


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