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Walk On- No set items due to travel and LFN Technical Meetings

Debrief on CNTT-ODIM meeting


Tomas gave a debrief of the CNTT-ODIM session and the opportunity to continue to engage with the Reference Model and Reference Architecture teams in their weekly meetings in CNTT.

We need to discuss with the CNTT community whether the HIM could be part of the RA-1 (OpenStack) and RA-2 (Container) in CNTT or should a 3rd RA be defined to focus on the HIM architecture. 

We can raise this in the above mentioned meetings. 

Action Item: Focus on RM meetings engagement first. (Tomas)

Action Item: Invite Petar Torre (Intel) who covers HW accelerator abstraction in RM, to present to ODIM TSC. 

We need to continue the conversation about API Data Model shared between Aggregator, Composer and other parts of ODIM. Next week Agenda Item. 

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