Agenda - Proposed

  • Update from Proposals meetings
  • Outreach - Alex
  • Release Management Process - where are we
  • Update on contributions
  • Network Related Events - Martin
  • Decision on next week's meeting
  • Composition Service


The TSC meeting will be canceled for the Thanksgiving week.

Outreach Alex was driving this and checked off everything that has been done.

We have not spoken to CNCF, OpenBMC, or OpenRMC We need to rework the slides before we reach out to more folks though.

Alex said that perhaps we need to stick some $ or Euro value stuff in there.

We also need to publish some Roadmaps and dates. Updated deck - Alex will publish version 21

Release Management

Jonas gave an update. HPE will make a proposal that TSC can look at. It is scheduled for December 2nd

Contribution Updates

  • Jonas mentioned that profiles will go up in a branch

  • Bharath mentioned that the Aggregation Service changes are going in

  • K8S build is now implemented in CICD. Issue is created to move to K8S as well. Might happen in Early December.

  • Rafal - Not much update at this point

gRPC Discussion

Jonas mentioned that Go-Micro is going away due to license changes. There was a discussion around gRPC pros and cons.

Network Related Events

There are 2 sets of event registries in DMTF

  • Fabrics

  • Ethernet Fabrics Martin can send the json to anybody interested

Composition Service

Muthu said that they have started working on the service. How does it interact with other services?

This ties into the whole discussion on what to replace GoMicro with. If gRPC it would certainly allow for interaction with all services.


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