Proposed Agenda




  • Cannot demo anything (telemetry or composition service) because it’s coming up so soon.
  • Can do an update on the ODIM project


  • Jonas can do slides for Dell plug-in, Cisco plug-in
  • Jose or Muthu provide slides for composition service (1 or 2 slides).
  • BMC Emulator – would Intel like to present a demo?
  • NOTE: Jonas will introduce himself as TSC not HPE developing plug-ins for other (competitor) vendors.
  • Slide on what’s planned for the upcoming ODIM August release.
  • Reference back to the demos presented a few months ago for interested people.

Later ….

  • ACTION ITEM: Daniel will provide the super blueprint & ODIM slide. Marketing architecture.


Architecture recap from yesterday

  • Desire to capture discussions so far
  • Current architecture
    • Current architecture documented
    • Such as APIs documented
  • Intentions on where the TSC intends to take the architecture going forward

Antitrust shown

LFN developer and testing a few weeks from now

  • ODIM refresher, nothing new yet to demo.
    • Alex sent Jon a bunch of slides presented to the community.
    • Continue to enhance that slide set, maybe even create a condensed shorter version of it
    • Remind people what ODIM is for and why we are doing it.
    • DECISION: only 30 minutes needed.
  • Q: Could/would Intel want a presentation on the emulator and maybe demo the BMC emulator?
    • Alex would want to show how it helps to debug services being developed for ODIM or develop RF compliant interfaces (BMC, OCP anywhere).
    • ACTION ITEM: Alex will check with Rafal about demo of BMC emulator

  • How can we collaborate on the slide deck?
    • Does it save a new version each time?
    • Upload PowerPoint presentations, edit the entire thing – or work on individual sections.
    • Alex will check on import / export.
    • Upload the same file and it will keep the version history.
  • Use same slide template? YES Kenny confirmed
  • The online events plus in person events (not happening right now). all total: 4 a year – 2 short and 2 long.
  • how ODIM aligns with 5G Blueprint.
    • Super blueprint 2022, also the ONES blueprint … (Jonas summarized)
    • Daniel: hard to see right now which one – super blueprint and intending to be part of the infrastructure. Baker. Cross-community event – ask don’t tell.
    • Jun 7 to 10 (which conference?) – Jonas asked Daniel to contribute a single slide on this. Daniel – where we see ODIM fitting into super blueprint. Maybe a demo track lead will give us an idea of what to do this year.
  • ACTION ITEM: Daniel will provide the super blueprint & ODIM slide. Marketing architecture.

Composition Service submission to DMTF (no response)

  • Response from John Leuing about how to submit
  • Muthu – John sent options for submissions? Three options: ?? feedback , post as bug RF DMTF portal and third one (Muthu didn’t say)
  • John asked Muthu to attend as the submitter (which meeting?) to answer questions? I was not clear if this is an action item or Alex will track down what John said.


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