Louis Illuzzi (LFN), Jonas Arndt (HPE), Susan Bowen (HPE), Alexander Vul (Intel), Piotr Zedlewski (Intel), Daniel Nilsson (TeitoEVRY), Muthu Ramalingum (AMI), Tomas Fredberg (Ericsson)

Proposed Agenda

  • Start recording
  • LFN Antitrust Policy
  • Security Outlook - Seems the MAC is asking for a slide around security. I hope Louis or somebody else from LF can clarify what is needed
  • June DTF ODIM Topics


Security outlook

  • MAC is asking for a slide about security. (5G security? Louis sent link, discuss later):
  • Is it community security measures (such as website and wiki, tools etc.) or the project itself?
  • Louis – project requires software bill of materials. (Louis is investigating what this is. Can bring in an expert to explain). Jonas – is it the licensing and architectural description about security? Louis will start with Brandon and find out about executive order piece and who to ask. Applies to blog – community information on the site.
  • ACTION ITEM: make this an agenda item for next week (Louis)
  • Louis will also forward information that he gets for the TSC to review and prepare for the discussion.

Sessions for LFN Developer and Testing Forum, June

  • ODIM what’s new forum topic, Jonas will update information (add detail, will be 10 minutes).
    • Jonas can add the 5G Super Blueprint content to ODIM refresher – but don’t surprise that team (dependency that Daniel gets feedback on the email stream first they approve)
  • ODIM BMC Emulator & Demo forum topic, Alex (or Rafal) will update the information (add detail and amount of time needed)
  • Daniel – determine what can be added about for 5G Super Blueprint and how ODIM fits in. The last meeting ran out of time, ODIM is now on agenda for next meeting (but it may be cutting it too close to the forum dates). Daniel will present ODIM to 5G Super Blueprint using the slides that Alex sent.

Other Topics

  • ODIM Project, Composition Service. Muthu cannot access.
    • ACTION ITEM: Jonas will end invitations to Muthu and Team – permissions have lapsed. Discussion about who has what permissions.
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