• LFN Induction - Last minute stuff
  • Composition service - Have we filed the changes to the DMTF Feedback Portal?
  • Telemetry Service - A proposal is coming but good if we could understand who are interested in this service and if there are any requirements
  • Wiki



Jonas, Louis, Jon Mechling, Daniel Nilsson (TietoEvry), Marcin Nicpon (Teito) Alex (Intel), Bharath (HPE), Bob Monkman, John Leung, Rafal Sztejna


LFN Induction - TAC

Date: March 10 Time: 10 AM EST Alex will drive the presentation (close to 30 minutes) but Jonas and Jose will also be present. The TAC should give up thumbs up or down same day. Then the board will look at it later. Alex will add the CNTT slide.


John Leung said it is better to give DMTF a use case rather then the specific solution. Just proposing a change will cause them to ask "why"?

Telemtry Service

Perhaps we implement what is in the spec today and then we identify gaps that we take to DMTF. We all have requirements from different customers and we need to bring them into this discussion. We have had a proposal coming in from Bharath after this. Look at Telemetry Service


Mostly in good shape now. Jonas asked about Blog and if a new entry would show up on the first page. We could have a pointer to it on the first page. There is a "Latest News" there though. We can use that. Gliffy seems to be a diagram tool for Confluence and it has been installed so we can use it if we like. For calendar Louis mentioned and that you could subscribe to that.

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