• Upcoming Events? Community Outreach might need updates
    • Do we know about ONES in LA in October
  • LFN Demo - Both William and Jonas have had some conflicts. Can others get involved?
  • LFN Membership topics
    • Move over to Jira for LFN - Pain points? Preparations?
    • Sandbox project, for how long? How to graduate?
  • Telemetry Service Proposal


Notes from TSC meeting


  • Susan Bowen (HPE)
  • Louis Illuzzi (Linux Foundation)
  • Alex Vul (Intel)
  • Bob Monkman (        )   Intel?
  • Jonas Arndt (HPE)
  • Kenny Paul (Linux Foundation)
  • Marcin Nicpon (TietoEVRY)
  • Bharath Kumar (HPE)
  • Daniel Nilsson (                 )   Which Company?
  • Jon Mechling (HPE)
  • Muthukkumaran Ramalingam (AMI)
  • Piotr Zedlewski (Intel)
  • William Caban (            )         Redhat?

NEWS! LFN decision: ODIM is officially a Sandbox project!

  • ACTION ITEM: Louis will spin up Jira by end of this week. (instance under
    • Will send the team the links. 
    • Team should review the specifics of the Jira configuration
    • Next:
      • Have an internal discussion (in the weekly meeting)  – such as EPICS, User Stories, reports
      • Then Susan can take Action Item to document the ODIM processes within Jira.

  • Kenny Paul is program manager for ONAP 

Discussion of upcoming events


Alex – discuss Telemetry

  • Discussion, agreement to continue discussion in the Architecture meeting
  • Alex will talk to Rafal

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