• Telemetry Service
    • Approach to support vendor supported report subscription only first
    • Is the spec flexible enough to add new metrics?
  • Composition Service



We again presented the approach to have an initial Telemetry Service in a way so
that you can set up the subscription for a metric reports. Depending on what
vendor you have you will get different metrics.

Alex felt that the current approach is a good first step but that we also need
to look further out.

Alex was also talking about a Analytics Service that could run in ODIM. Jonas
suggested that this is northbound of ODIM.

We might need to improve the spec a bit as well. We need to see if we can get
Profiles to address metrics.


Muthu managed to get an account with DMTF to provide questions/feedback. He also
prepared some questions for DMTF. He will post it to DMTF

MUthu also talked about CollectionCapabilities and how we handle it in ODIM. 
Muthu will send an email to TSC email and have John Leung look at it.


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