Louis Illuzzi (LFN)
Bharath Kumar (HPE)
Alexander Vul (Intel)
Martin Halstead (HPE)
Divya Nettem (AMI)
Jon Mechling (HPE)
Muthukkumaran Ramalingam(AMI)
Jonas Arndt (HPE)



Composition Service

Alex brought up a new point here. What if we want to go add a new type of
resource (e.g. GPU). There is no way to do that now. Can we have a model to do
We should add this as a separate use case for DMTF and add that as well to the
DMTF Feedback Portal.

Alex will try to define the new use cases on the proposal page.

Telemetry Service

Bharath was presenting his write-up. There is a section for Open Issues that we need to address. Bharath went through those.

ODIM will have to take one set of metric/report definitions and reports and triggers and propagate the same to all BMCs

* This implies we cannot have different set of metric/reports across machines and groups of machines
* ODIM will have to be more involved in collections in case it needs to reconcile behaviors across BMC implementations
* ODIM will have scalability issues if BMCs do not support all the needed metrics natively. Then ODIM has to collect related metrics from BMC, calculate the needed metric and possibly trigger events based on the values
* ODIM will also have to disallow the high frequency polling - metric collection can be configured for sub second intervals. However ODIM maybe able to only poll once a few minutes like 10-15 minutes.

It was well understood that we will need to discuss this and other identified issues over many meetings.

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