ODIM RA 23.08 Release



BMC Operator

BMC Operator is a new component added as part of the release. It is a software extension of Kubernetes and is used to manage various BMC operations that include the deployment and management of BIOS, boot order, volume, firmware and event subscription operations.

More information on BMC Operator and its operations are documented in BMC Operator Readme.

Support for additional SecureBoot APIs

Additional SecureBoot APIs supported in the release include:

  • PATCH on /redfish/v1/Systems/{ComputerSystemId}/SecureBoot
  • POST on /redfish/v1/Systems/{ComputerSystemId}/SecureBoot/Actions/SecureBoot.ResetKeys
  • GET on /redfish/v1/Systems/{ComputerSystemId}/SecureBoot/SecureBootDatabases
  • GET on /redfish/v1/Systems/{ComputerSystemId}/SecureBoot/SecureBootDatabases/{db}
  • GET on /redfish/v1/Systems/{ComputerSystemId}/SecureBoot/SecureBootDatabases/db/Certificates
  • GET on /redfish/v1/Systems/{ComputerSystemId}/SecureBoot/SecureBootDatabases/db/Certificates/{certificateID}

For more information on these APIs, see the SecureBoot section in the Resource Aggregator for Open Distributed
Infrastructure Management™ API Readme


This is a new feature to print the logs on console or append them to a file. When you set the value to false, the ODIM logs are redirected to a log file. Setting the value to true displays the logs on console. The default value is false .

Ubuntu OS version

The current release of ODIM is compatible with Ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS version.

Updated Docker image versions of ODIM services 

For information on the latest Docker image versions for ODIM services, see https://github.com/ODIM-Project/ODIM/tree/main#building-docker-images-of-all-resource-aggregator-for-odim-services.

Task support for additional APIs

Here are the API URIs that have task support for the release:

  • /Systems/{id}/Actions/ComputerSystem.Reset
  • /Systems/{id}/Bios/Settings
  • /Systems/{id}
  • /Systems/{id}/Storage/{id}/Volumes
  • /Systems/{id}/Storage/{id}/Volumes/{id}
  • /AccountService/Accounts
  • /AccountService/Accounts/{id} (for delete and update operations of BMC account)
  • /UpdateService/Actions/UpdateService.SimpleUpdate
  • /UpdateService/Actions/UpdateService.StartUpdate
  • /Managers/{id}/VirtualMedia/{id}/Actions/VirtualMedia.InsertMedia
  • /Managers/{id}/VirtualMedia/{id}/Actions/VirtualMedia.EjectMedia
  • /LicenseService/Licenses

For more information on these APIs, see the API Readme.

Performance improvements

Here are the improvements being made for the release:

  • Streamlined the task service communications with Redis database for improved performance.
  • Event processing is improved.
  • Number of Computer System reset operations in parallel is increased. 
  • Number of concurrent server additions is increased.
  • Implemented caching of event subscriptions. Refactored code for improved event processing.
  • Improved performance in handling large number of API requests.
  • Logging enhancements in UpdateService and TelemetryService.

Redis version

The current release of ODIM supports Redis version 7.0.11.

Kafka version

The current release of ODIM supports Kafka version 3.4.0. 

Enhanced security

Support for the updated Redis and Kafka versions have fixed the security issues.

Resolved issues

The following issues are fixed in the release:

  • Properties in Syslogs are separated by more than one space.
  • Value appears only for a few properties in logs.
  • For URP and ACI plugins, the UUID is not removed from the manager collection after you remove the plugins from ODIM.

Known issues

  • Creating an event subscription with the same systemid in origin resources returns 400 error code in the response.
  • The HTTP GET  operation on ODIM and plugin Managers in LogServices/SL/Entries returns 500 error code in the response.

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