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Jonas ArndtRed Hat
Alex VulIntel
Louis IlluzziLFN
Martin HalsteadHPE
Jon MechlingHPE
Susan BowenHPE
Bharath KumarHPE

Proposed Agenda

Meeting notes

LFN End User Advisory Group

  • is the link
  • Discussion about how the LFN ODIM team can participate in the LFN end user advisory group.
  • Review of participants in EUAG. Network managers, project managers, technologists are the participants. Some people are pure R&D research. Some influential players as well. ONAP reps. are participants.
  • Goal is to get feedback from those in this forum who we haven’t talked to yet about ODIM.
  • EUAG meeting on July 20th
    • Make it a round table to ask about pain points and how ODIM can fit in to help solve the big issues. Ask for their help in discussion about this.
    • Suggestion that Alex present. Meeting of EUAG July 20th, but do need to talk through the slides to be presented.
    • Have slides already to leverage from (discussion on 3-4 slides, starting with spaghetti slide of physical infrastructure management). Questions to ask include whether these are the right problems to solve. Develop a list of specific feedback we want. Send slides ahead of time. Desire to invite Ericsson, Red Hat, etc.)
    • Presentation *and* host a workshop, if they are interested in providing feedback.



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