Bob Monkman (Intel) 

Tomas Fredberg (Ericsson)

LJ Illuzzi  (Linux Foundation)

Sebastian Scheele (Kubermatic)

Joseprabu Inbaraj (AMI)

Bharath Kumar Bhaskar Kizhur (HPE)

@jonas Arndt (HPE)

Stefano Righi (AMI)

Alexander Vul (Intel)


  • Introductions
  • LF Antitrust Policy -
  • Brief Project background/Goals
  • Logo proposals for team review and vote: Logo Proposals
  • Wiki and web page access
  • Discuss TSC formation guidelines
    • ODIM Technical Charter
    • Suggestion- One (1)  member from each participating company forms the initial TSC
    • Standing TSC meeting frequency and Zoom allocation
  • TSC nominations/sign-up
    • Establish voting mechanism and closure date for TSC nominations/sign-up
  • Timeline development - seed code, pull requests mechanisms, CI/CD tools, participant recruiting, umbrella project selection


  • The participants in attendance had attended one of the webinars and so Introductions/Overview of ODIM goals was not needed
  • We reviewed the navigation of the landing page and the wiki
  • We reviewed the Technical Charter and its location on the github site
  • We noted that we must Ratify Technical Charter by 07/22
  • We noted that participating companies should express their intent to participate by nominating a  TSC member and Alternate, to establish initial TSC membership by 07/22
  • We discussed the first seed code coming from HPE and the need to agree on basic ways pull requests can be submitted and accepted before the code is dropped. 
  • AR- Jonas Arndt will propose some Maintainer/Reviewer process items on the wiki for discussion next meeting
  • We will use github Issues and github tools for now, until such time that ODIM becomes a full fledged LF project
  • License question was raised by Thomas F of Ericsson- Answer: We propose that Apache 2.0 shall be the standard open source license for all code in the ODIM project. We believe this is consistent with all most if not all LFN projects and LF Edge projects for example. the seed code from HPE is licensed Apache 2.0
  • We talked about the goal to approve a 1st official stable release for the project before the end of the year, but the scope and date will be decided by the TSC that forms next week. 
  • We agreed that next meeting shall be Wed July 22 at 0800 PDT/1500 UTC and the meeting was adjourned at 8:58am PDT. 

Meeting Recording: ODIM TSC Formation Meeting July 15 2020.mp4

Chat: ODIM TSC Formation Mtg Chat includes TSC Signup and Nominations July 15 2020.pdf

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