Proposed Agenda

Meeting notes

Casey Cain Thanks for having me on board! I look forward to working with everyone.

Brief discussion around possibly using TeamUp as a community calendar as an alternative to

Casey said he would work on setting up the calendar for ODIM and will notify the community via the mailing list when it is ready.

Meeting Notes

  • Note: Bharath Kumar could not join today.
  • Louis is transitioning the ODIM project to Casey. Louis will be taking on 5G Super Blueprint and other projects. Louis will still attend for short time to help with transition and can be contacted with any questions we have.
  • The GRPC discussion was going to be today, but will be held in a future Architecture technical meeting discussion instead.
  • Casey would like for the ODIM project to join the LFN scheduling tool. He will send an email to the ODIM mailing list. (See above)
  • ACTION ITEM: Check on moving the ODIM Architectural meeting weekly later by an hour. (Casey cannot attend.)
  • Bob Monkman: HPE is coordinating with James Gu of AT&T for access to the Intel community setup for ODIM (Pod 10 that is being used for Airship).

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