Louis (LFN)
Alex Vul
Susan Bowen
Bharath Kumar (HPE)
Daniel Nilsson (TietoEvry)
Jose Inbaraj (AMI)
Muthu (AMI)
Piotr Zedlewski (Intel)
Jonas Arndt (HPE)

Proposed Agenda

  • Release Schedule - Some minor discussions around supporting 3 releases
  • Presentations - Finalize on LFN presentations
  • Wiki content - Do we need more material under Marketing? Landing page being worked on


Release Schedule

HPE cannot support 3 releases.
Susan pointed out that the January release is likely be smaller as there are
many holidays between September and January.
Alex proposed that we do 2 releases to start with and move to 3 releases once we
have more members. This lead to a vote


Vote: Delay 3 releases a year approach till 2022 when we have more members. So for 2021 we would only do 2 releases (Jan and August)
+1: Yes
-1: No

HPE +1
Intel +1
AMI +1

Presentations for LFN

The demo is moving along
The ONAP presentation: Alex proposed that we run with Composition Use Cases
instead of trying to introduce ODIM to them.
We also did some changes to the schedule and renamed the ONAP session to
"ODIM Use Cases for ONAP"

Wiki Content

Alex showed ONAP's wiki and we agreed this would be a good template for us. We
also discussed sticking the LFN presentation material on the
marketing/presentation area.
Susan look at producing a Roadmap slide.


Chat File

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