Martin Halstead, Alex Vul, Muthu Ramalingam, Jon Mechling, William

Proposed Agenda

  • AMI Composition Service proposal - See here


On the composition service AMI has started designing the application but are seeing
some issues.

There was a discussion around shortcomings in the current composition schema.
Most of that will be addressed by the task force but there are also requirements
on ODIM as listed by Muthu

Capabilities: /redfish/v1/Systems/Capabilities

POST action on /redfish/v1/Systems

DELETE on /redfish/v1/Systems/<UUID>

Add resource block: /redfish/v1/Systems/1/Actions/CoputerSystem.AddResourceBlock

Remove resource block: /redfish/v1/Systems/1/Actions/CoputerSystem.RemoveResourceBlock

We also had a discussion around Capabilities. Capabilities seem to be set on the
collection level (/Systems) and it is not clear how they can be set if the
collection is heterogeneous.

We agreed that we would invite John Hass, Jeff H, John Leung to the proposal
meeting for next week to discuss this further. Martin will facilitate this.


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