• Roadmap slide
  • Wiki page cleanup
  • Governance page
  • Composition Service


Roadman Slide

Susan shared a Roadmap slide. It was agreed that we would turn the slide into a wiki page. The slide was sent to Louis


  • Update the events page - ONES Demo October, link past events...
  • The Architectural page needs to be updated. We need to link from an
    Architectural wiki page to documentation in GitHub and also a link to the HPE

Governance Page

The wiki page has been created. Now we need to understand the deltas/gaps and fill them.
This all need to be ready by the 24th. Alex is still working on this and might
move things around though. We discussed the concept of PTL (Project Technical
Leads). We should address this in some words so they know we have thought about
it. ODIM might not need this initially.


High Level Architecture and somebody that talks about it.
Finish up the slide deck.
Louis will send out an invite for Friday for the Governance.
Alex will updated "How we relate to other projects" slide

Composition Service

Muthu did some screen sharing of the proposal. We also discussed if John Leung
could do some reviewing. Potentially we could have a separate meeting for this
to discuss further. So on Tuesday we will align on the proposal and then take it
to DMTF.

In the mean time Jonas reached out to Jeff Hilland (DMTF) and has updated the proposal
with some information.


Chat File

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