•  LFN Anti-Trust Policy
  • LFN Membership - Next steps (TAC, Board)
    • Target  TAC Review
    • Target  Board Review
    • Induction Proposal
      • Induction proposal needs to be completed and sent to TAC by 02/24 for TAC review (2 weeks prior to 03/10)
      • Emphasis on technical feasibility, goverance, and cross community collaboration
      • Member company quotes
      • Assign TAC representative
  • Release - Who is testing?
    • Where are test results being documented?
  • 5G Cloud Native Network
    • Next Demo committee meeting 02/16- invite pending
      • Who should attend?
        • William Caban
        • Jonas
        • Alex
        • Jose



Slide was put up

LFN Membership

There is a page now under TSC for the LFN Induction
The TAC review is on March 10th
The Board review is on March 24th
There is a link to the Draft document on that LFN Induction page as well (Google
The TAC document needs to be done by February 24th. Technical feasibility,
governance, and cross community collaboration.
We proposed that we have a separate meeting to address the governance docs.
Louis will send out a meeting invite for Thursday 10 PST on the TSC mailing
Member company quotes - PR Stuff (might need to be cleared by Legal). Not
required for the induction but would be nice to have later.
We will also need a TAC rep from the project.
Toward the end of the meeting Louis also went through some of the slides for the
TAC meeting


Who is testing? Alex mentioned that in ONAP they have an integration team and so on. They have open labs and anybody can book them then and do tests. Bob is working with some Intel teams to get PODS for ODIM. Jonas brought up that in the mean time we can have companies to do testing and we can use the BMC emulator. For the August release we might be able to put together a team that can sign off on the tests.

5G Cloud Native Network

  • Next demo committee is on Feb 16th. Willam and Jonas will participate together with Louis. An invite will come out soon


If we are moving to LFN what tools can we use?

  • Jira is the added tool


Chat File


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