• Message Bus Discussion - An update on this if possible.
  • Update on Fossology Scan - TSC email from Louis 2020-07-29
  • Training Session on code - requirements gathering.
    • What do we want to cover?
    • One session or multiple?
    • Perhaps an initial overview and then more as requested?


Fossology Runs

Louise did a Fossology run a couple of weeks ago and raised some minor triggers with the code (some unused files with different license, missing MIT license text and files without license). All of this has been addressed and the repository has been updated. We also concluded that we will need to do a new Fossology run before every release.

Message Bus for "Smaller" Installations

This became a longer discussion. There seems to be agreement that we need to identify the use cases and the corresponding "footprint" of an ODIM deployment. We therefore created the wiki page Lightweight Configurations where we can keep adding configurations. One thing standing out is the message bus as it today is implemented using Kafka, which takes some space and resources. On top of of Kafka there is however a set of calls (APIs) that are being used to place an event on the bus or to retrieve events that are subscribed to. More information about this will later be on Lightweight Message Bus. The proposal right now is to allow for a choice of what underlying bus to use by simply changing some content in a configuration file. 

Anand Sundararajhas been looking at different message bus technologies and has some updates on the GitHUB issue 39. We decided for Anand to create a "Feature Branch" for the integration work with ODIM.

Training / Deep Dive 

Everybody agreed there is a need for a in-depth training of ODIM. The following were some topics that need to be covered

  • Overview of ODIM
  • Overview of Services, how they are configured and current supported APIs
  • How to use ODIM
  • How to build ODIM
  • Plugins and how to develop them
  • General layout of source code

We (HPE) will post a wiki page to track this. It is understood that all this can not be covered in a single session. The different sessions will be recorded


Alex created a wiki page to keep track of actions Action List

Aug 26, 2020 Meeting Recording

Aug 26, 2020 Chat

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