Proposed Agenda

  • Start Recording
  • LFN Antitrust Policy
  • ODIM Adopting ONAP Jira Process - Vote
  • Update on LFN Demos
  • Volunteer/nominations for Marketing Liaison to the LFN Marketing Advisory Council (MAC) - Jose Inbaraj (AMI) and Jon Mechling (HPE) have volunteered
  • June 2021 LFN Developer & Testing Forum: Topic Proposals and event Community Program Lead
  • Blog post - Jonas/Jill (LFN Public Relations Manager)
  • If time allows, continue discussions on gRPC encapsulated REST call that happened in the Arch call
  • Louis on PTO 05/03 through 05/10, returning 05/11


Alex – move grpc from gomicro up in the agenda.

ONAP Jira process – Alex said no vote needed. ADOPTED no comments from anyone that they didn’t want it.


GRPC and GO Micro discussion

GRPC (from GOmicro) – We have been using Go Micro for other things as well. (Encapsulating for northbound APIs). Has been proposed that use of GO Micro continues.)

Alex: implement in one way. Alex, Jonas and Bharath had a discussion on this. Alex is concerned about east / west. Bharath made comments about how things currently work and Alex said ok.

Muthu composition service go through gateway rather than directly (Bharath asked). Alex said ?? svc A calls svc B with GRPC call with JSON payload. Don’t need to go to Redfish (APIs and Data Model JSON). Bharath: GO Micro is GOLANG only. GRPC has more flexibility. Alex agrees. Bharath (I missed some) talked about as-a-service and generic service interface. If someone wants to look up session, svc ldap. Module that is authenticating. Alex: we are not far off.

ACTION ITEM: Alex wants diagram of control flows and data flows.

LFN Demos – Daniel Nilsson and superdemos. (He wants to ask Bob to join discussion before next Tuesday’s meeting). Jonas – successfully position ODIM in this? For superblueprint, can incorporate ODIM. For demos this year, not a clear fit for ODIM. Show basic functionality of ODIM can happen. (he wants Bob’s opinion.)

3 DEMOS for ONES? Bob says he’s had a hard time getting to recordings. He wants to understand what components are included and short term vs. long term. He wants to coordinate with people orchestrating the 3 demos. Daniel: they are struggling with basics (how to work in container (environments?)

Louis – can we put in a basic use case for 2021? “This is what ODIM does” demo. Bob Monkman – our “IN” into this demo. If they reference (something) Annuket as baseline for use case, we could tie in code to that build somehow. Annuket has included idea of HW manager. (would take work but ODIM fairly modular).  What is the SW blueprint, where are they getting pieces? Jonas asked them to join on Tuesday’s meeting. ACTION ITEM: what’s possible for ONES. Jose is ok with this. Get into overall 5G story. Get into the overall demos or architectural diagrams – insert ourselves into that overall use case or deployment model (big win).

Jon 2021 LFN conference in June – ODIM presentation or demo? We are listed.

(Actually this is LFN dev conference). Louis says we can have as much presence as we want for ODIM. ACTION ITEM: Need committee lead on the LFN Developer & Testing Conference in JUNE. Need to drop in sessions with abstract, Bob says. Deadline is loose, we have 2 to 4 weeks.  Brainstorm sessions now.

Louis if we want to connect to Annuket on the demo (would have to have agreements, this is a great place to roll it out publicly). Jose – we have to be in this session and participate.

JOSE WILL SPEND TIME ON THIS. Start from what we did last time?   Bob = yes that makes sense

  • ODIM update
  • How we fit into super blueprint demos, invite the demo team people to the session

Bob – if somebody will organize sessions SEPARATE MEETINGS NEEDED, he is willing to participate. He’ll set up with 3rd party company doing the super blueprint demo. (he’ll bring it to this team ??) Need volunteer – Jonas asks Jose – Jose says he’ll contribute but can’t lead. If nobody else can do it, he will WITH SOMEBODY ELSE’S HELP. Must expand visibility of ODIM and i

ACTION ITEM: Louis will organize the meetings. Ok to start after May 11. (He’s on vacation next meeting)  Jonas: will need lots of help for topics (ACTION ITEM – SEE BOB’S list above)  Architectural topic interest? Jonas add to upcoming page and people can add to wiki.  “CALL TO ACTION”

JUNE 7 to 10 is the event date.


MAC meetings. – Jose and Jon volunteered. Louis will introduce them to Brandon Wick and Heather (VP marketing). LFN Marketing Advisory Council (monthly) Usually on Weds same time as the meeting we are in right now.

Blog Post

Jill Avado (sp?) LFN Public Relations Manager – she wants a post for ODIM as LFN project and getting started info about wiki and overview of what we do, and welcome to LFN. Louis gave her Jonas’s name. Louis wants to now move that to Jose and Jon. DUE DATE: when possible.


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