Proposed Agenda

  • Transition from GoMicro to gRPC needed by the Composition Service
  • Profiles status - How do we move forward to get them into a state where we can publish?


Composition Service

AMI will use Python for the Composition Service.
AMI is thinking about placing Composition Service in parallel with all other
service. Bharath (HPE) said that it might take 2 sprints to move away from GoMicro to
gRPC. Composition Service needs database access.

There was a discussion around how Composition Service would get info like
systems collection. Muthu (AMI) was thinking perhaps it could use the northbound APIs
but Bharath cautioned that it could cause some cyclic problems.

Then we talked about whether or not to run the composition service in a container. It seeems
to be the best deployment as everything else is in containers and managed by K8s. It is likely
best to do it from the beginning as we can iron out most problems right away that way.

For the changes to DMTF standard for the composition service Jonas will check with
Jeff Hilland as we haven't heard anything back on Muthu's submission.


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