Susan Bowen (HPE), Louis Illuzzi (LFN), Alex Vul (Intel), Jonas Arndt (HPE),
Daniel Nilsson (TietoEVRY), John Leung (Intel), Martin Halstead (HPE), Muthu
(AMI), Tomas Fredberg (Ericsson)


  • Update on LFN Demo - Bob
  • Jira discussions:
    • Do we utilized Boards, EPICs, Stories, Releases and so on?
    • What are your experiences with Jira? HPE is using it internally, what about other participants?
    • Any other viewpoints, concerns, recommendations?
  • ODIM representative(s) on the LFN TAC (non-voting)


LFN Demo

Daniel Nilsson from TietoEVRY will be joining the LFN Demo effort and be the ODIM representative.

JIRA Discussion

Alex, use Jira and Confluence together. Look at ONAP. PTLs (project technical leads) in ONAP met weekly. Didn’t have the whole scrum master, etc.

Jonas, Create issues, create scrum board to create user stories and Epics. Resources for Developers on front page of ONAP.

Alex, Can also use Jira to track TSC discussion areas

ACTION ITEM: Louis will invite Brian Freeman from ATT on the ONAP project to explain how ONAP uses it.

Alex: User story is persona driven and Jira ISSUE is where the engineers do their tasks. (that’s how Intel does it).

Jonas to Alex: Integrated with Confluence? Alex says yes, Jira has the tools. Also integrated with Slack.

Important to use the same tools as other LFN project.  Louis: Go check:  (use our LFN login to access)


There is a space for ODIM representative to sit on TAC as consulting (not voting).

DECISION: Every other week at 10 AM Eastern: Alex as primary and Jonas as secondary.


  • MUTHU: Composition Service and Telemetry are not updated. Action Item: Jonas will update.
  • ALEX: connect me to release managers in ONAP.  David McBride – material on Github wiki. (check back on slides)  ODIM wiki link to GITHUB


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