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DescriptionDue dateAssigneeTask appears on
  • OpenRMC (rack management) - Oct 20, 12pm ET
Community Outreach
  • OpenEdge (subproject of Telco) - Oct 13, 1pm ET
Community Outreach
  • OCP Tech Week
    • Nov 9-13 (skipping Nov 11, Veterans Day)
    • Submission deadline was Sept 11 (John may be able to add)
Community Outreach
  • Member company quotes
LFN Induction
Bob MonkmanJanuary 6th, 2021 - TSC Meeting
Jonas ArndtJanuary 6th, 2021 - TSC Meeting
  • DMTF Redfish Forum (John)
    • Thursday 8AM PT - Arrange meeting and invite Redfish Forum members
    • Next Thursday (Sep 24th)
    • Alex + Martin or Jonas
Community Outreach
  • CNCF Telecom WG
    • October 5, 8AM Pacific Time - Alex
Community Outreach
  • CNTT
    • October 13-15, actual time/date TBD
Community Outreach
  • OCP Telco Project (John)
    • October 1, 1PM Eastern Time (confirmed, 15 mins)
      • Who is attending?  Slideset ready?
Community Outreach
  • OpenBMC
    • TBD
Community Outreach
  • Create BMC Simulator WG
Action List
  • Create FW Update WG
Action List
  • ODIM presentation to CNCF telecom group
Action List
  • Jonas and Alex create wiki page for the community to start defining ODIM embedded requirements
Action List
  • Jonas to arranged an architectural deep dive for ODIM
Action List

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