Proposed Agenda



Piotr asked about the recording and Louis said he would add it. Then it was
decided that Susan would get the lastpass app and manage the recordings.
Alex wanted to add something to the agenda (liaison between DMTF and Anuket?)
but as he had to skip out after 30 minutes it was decided. that we push that till next week.


Somebody asked what is the advantage of Jira.
By using Jira we can also be federated by other projects (sharing bug links and
stuff). We discussed a bit on if we wanted to adopt the same process with Jira
as ONAP has. It seemed everybody agreed that was a good approach.
We noted that ONAP is not using any points for stories

Marketing Advisory Council Board

We need might want to have a representative from ODIM. We agreed that whoever is a volunteer can
make that known by email and we can vote next TSC. The effort is 2 hours a month. 

LFN Developer & Testing Forum

We need to add topics for ODIM. There is also a program committee lead for ODIM needed. Volunteers?


Chat File