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BMC Simulator mocks behavior of server BMC RF compliant interface such as it can be easily integrated into validation framework for ODIM mitigating need to use real HW. Simulator exposes Redfish compliant REST Server.


1) BMC Simulator shall be compliant with DMTF Redfish* Interface Specification v1.11.0, and Redfish* v2020.2  schema.

2) BMC simulator shall be conformant with the following profiles:

3) BMC similator shall support the following list of endpoints and  properties will: (Priority 1 - Required/Mandatory, Priority 2 - Recommended, IfImplemented will be decided on case by case basis)

4) The following features will be supported by BMC simulator:

  • Configuration format: json.
  • Configuration of initial simulator resources via config file
  • Binding: address and port for REST server of BMC simulator
  • Configuration of authentication (BMC user credentials)
  • Possibility to add resources in collections
  • Support for $expand and $levels parameters
  • Global hook with possibility to change final response
  • Change return code
  • Change body
  • Possibility to override AllowableValues for action parameter
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