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Meeting minutes

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Meeting Notes

Adding gRPC Support for ODIM (Bharath K.)

  • Review of Bharath K’s notes about gRPC and adding gRPC Adding grpc support for ODIM (see link above).
  • Some feedback – Tomas notes it sounds like a lot of work for get gRPC integrated into ODIM Customer Advisory Board

Meeting minutes


  • ; not a lot of evidence of its usefulness. Muthu – gRPC helpful for application to application, not for consuming the APIs.
  • Please refer to Bharath’s additional notes for more detail.

ODIM Customer Advisory Board

  • Jon Mechling presented a proposal to establish an ODIM customer advisory board.
    • Purpose is to listen and get feedback for ODIM from customers who can provide strategic input. A round table discussion, perhaps quarterly. Not a sales pitch. Starting after summer holidays.