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One way we can solve this is to make these services a part of the actions under Aggregation Service. The current plugins may not be best fit for collecting this information. ODIM may implement data collector plugins (as suggested by Alex) which will focus only on managing and collecting metrics/reports from BMC.

Initial Release

As a first step we want to release an implementation of the Telemetry Service that is basically just exposing the existing metric reports for servers and allows northbound clients to set up subscriptions for those reports and retrieve them through the Event Service. 

Future items

Add AI for analyzing and actioning the telemetry gathered. This may happen in the device, in the plugin, in ODIMRA or north bound clients. Doing this closer to the device helps in quicker actions and this also has the advantage of these systems are better aware of the problem domain. Whereas north bound systems may be used to do long term planning.