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  • Support for Redfish TelemetryService
  • Migrated go-micro to gRPC framework
  • Kubernetes based deployment. Supported configurations are:
    • One-node deployment
    • Three-node deployment
  • Redis, Kafka, Zookeeper and etcd in High Availability mode (deployed only on master nodes)
  • Customized "odim-controller" deployment tool for Kubernetes and ODIM deployment and operations
  • Support for encoded URLs
  • VirtualMedia Insert and Eject operations
  • Enhancements in lib-persistence-manage package
  • Updated Redis database from 5.0.8 to 6.2.5
  • Updated DMTF Redfish schema version to 2021.1
  • Basic implementation of a plugin to support Dell servers
  • Basic implementation of a plugin to support Cisco ACI
  • Added ODIM RA profiles
  • Updated GitHub CI/CD actions to build and deploy ODIM RA and Kubernetes, and do a basic check before any PR is merged

ODIM 21.01 Release

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