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  • Short Description: Demo on cloning, building and running ODIM
  • Detailed Description: In this presentation we will demo how to clone and build ODIM. We will also show some use cases on how to use ODIM with different northbound clients, including a commercial one from AMI. 
  • Topic Leader(s): Bharath Kumar (HPE) & Muthukkumaran Ramalingam (AMI)
  • Scribe (Capture important minutes and record action items): Somebody from the ODIM project
  • Moderator (Monitor Chat, organize questions, manage time): Somebody from the ODIM project
  • Host (Manage/Control Bridge functions): Moderator
  • Expected duration: 60
  • Minutes: Topic Leader or Scribe should link the minutes here before the event starts
  • Slides: <attach relevant materials here>
  • Recording: If a topic is recorded it should be linked here at the conclusion of the event.

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