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HPE team was to add their initial ideas for extensions to pursue to Redfish, but this was not completed. The team will revisit this. 

Action Item: Jonas Arndtto facilitate adding HPE wish list items for Redfish

But it was also noted that a top level page of ODIM wiki called Development and Research had been created. 

  • There are numerous Redfish items enumerated there , under the heading of Networking Related Events and Event Registries  and it was discussed later in the meeting that any Participant could add Topic pages under Dev & Research for major feature area proposals. 
  • The two there currently are Lightweight Message Bus and the aformentioned Networing aforementioned Networking Related Events
  • William Caban asked about BIOS extensions and it was noted that he could absolutely start a page up there for this topic. 
  • We can use these for architecture proposals, descriptions of proposed functionality , feedback etc

The Lightweight Message Bus page is a placeholder HPE will begin to fill in.

Redfish does not fully support a Message Bus and we see a need to work out how we can do eventing and messaging between subsystems in ODIM

Question came up regarding  how we coordinate with Redfish. 

John Leung noted that there is no formal Liaison construct due to closed membership. We cannot meet with them as an external project. 

But there is a Community Board available in the open that can be populated with requested items that can be taken up. Then reps from our companies who are members in DMTF can help shepherd the discussion along. 

This is how OpenBMC influences Redfish for example. 

Topic: Code changes/review Process. We ran out of time but need to tee it up for next week.

Essnetially, we need to agree on how to propose new work

How to review changes

New developer onboarding

Action Item: Jonas Arndt Alexander Vulto pull together a straw man and post to the Wiki. 

Next Meeting Agenda items:

Release schedule discussion, release frequency.

Do we need a Release Manager role?

Feature Tags/tracking and stability designation of features , API taxonomy

Action Item: Bob Monkmanto look into potential for Intel shared Lab resources that could be leveraged by ODIM