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Alexander Vulpost strawman Redfish additions desired


John Leung gave a 30 minute overview of DMTF Redfish SDO. Will seek to get a copy of that deck for archiving on the wiki here.

  • A question was raised regarding Groupings of resources - this was what referred to when discussing persistent or temporary. One can create a grouping of resources and act on upon that group. 
  • An request was made for a more concrete example of temporary grouping
  • An example of alarms was given when a group of resources generating alarms could be acted upon 

We then reviewed the two New Project Proposals page. 

We had previously approved the Update Service proposal

Last week we had discussed at length the posted Plug-In for Unmanaged Racks proposal

TSC was asked if there were any further comments on this Proposal before the TSC voted.

  • one o fthe gaps noted was in regards to how one identifies topologies across multiple data centers but this can be addressed at a later date

A vote was taken AMI, Intel, HPE, Tieto among the 5 current listed TSC members on the wiki voted in the Affirmative and so the Proposal is adopted. 

  • No objections, 1 Abstain

Red Hat participant on the called also voted in the Affirmative , if permitted to vote. This will be taken up up with the TSC in the next meeting. 

Topic : DMTF Enhancements draft list from Intel posted on the Wiki before the meeting

  • Multi-Site need a way to more completely model/group multiple logical and/or physical sites
  • Enhancements needed for Power Management
  • Global view of Multi Tenancy
  • HW acceleration modeling (how discover types of acceleration, consume and leverage them
    • extensible future proof the profiles
  • HW platform capabilities , where orchestration layers are increasingly seeking to understand platform capabilities for workload placement for example
  • Analytics
  • Telemtry ENhancements 
    • How is the data represented , format, extensibility, profiles
  • Security enhancements desired

HPE noted that they will have further input and will add to this page

Next meeting Agenda items:

  • Review HPE items for Redfish extensions
  • Project Review/Submission process

Meeting Recording

Aug 12 2020 Chat file.pdf