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We propose this change to make ODIM more easily adaptable by organisations/projects interested in ODIM but may not be willing to invest in redfish APIs and ODIM specific interfaces like odim_controller. These will let users automate tasks while using popular kubernetes interfaces( refer to details at URL above).

We want to propose operator(s) with the following types of operators functonalities be implemented:

  • Cluster management related - These operators will do work related to kubernetes/ODIM application management. The operations will include but not limited to:
    • installing new/removing kubernetes node, 
    • scaling up and down the ODIM cluster
  • operation related - These will translate kubernetes request sent by user to redfish request before passing these to ODIM. These operations may minimally include 
    • add/delete new BMCs, plugins
    • query inventory details 
    • make modifications to like creating/deleting volumes etc.
    • create event subscriptions
  • reporting related - these operators will let users to extract reports from ODIM and push it to systems like prometheus/grafana.