TSC Proposals Meeting



We went through the conclusions from last proposal meeting. Specifically the composition service conclusions were discussed. We also discussed the Composition proposal a bit and how we felt that it needs to align with the Redfish spec rather than the RSD one. AMI will come back with a new proposal.

  • We voted for the Dell plugin and the result was YES
  • We noted that the CISCO APIC plugin proposal needed some more documentation. Martin Halstead will provide that


Jonas explained that GoMicro is changing license from Apache2.0 to something commercial. Therefore we will need to move to another solution. gRPC was being put forward as the most sensible solution. This would also allow for interaction between services in many different languages and a more modular architecture could be achieved. This seems to be an approach that most participants were in favor of this. There were more detailed discussions here but they all concluded that we need a modular architecture with reusable pieces and the modules/services being able to communicate between each others. One example that was brought up was the session service and doing authentications


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