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Release Update

For the ODIM 21.01 release at the end of January:

  • Integration Test Period is complete (for example, the Unmanaged Rack Manager Plug-in (or URP as it is referred to) that has been developed by Intel has been merged from a feature branch into the main Development branch)

Email went out to the ODIM distribution lists with the link to to Release Candidate zero - RC0 of ODIM 21.01 along with instructions to developers filing issues:

Discussion followed, Whether to do a maintenance release.

  • Jonas – need to decide about maintenance releases (not yet decided).

  • Alex wants to delay the discussion about maintenance release. Once join umbrella, have to move to Jira and other changes.

  • Jonas - fixes are going on. Port over fixes? Wait for July? We concluded that we need more time to discuss this in next TSC meeting.

Presentation at LFN Developer & Testing Summit

See outline on January 7th, 2021 - LFN Pres Preparations

ODIM LF Networking Induction Proposal

  • Louis – needs a presentation. Have months for this. Need TAC representative. Latest high level architecture. High level release schedule (have to decide on maintenance releases) Examples in Louis’s posting.

  • This is for the LFN Induction (go into TAC and get ODIM into umbrella)


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